Wednesday, May 26, 2010


the feeling was mutual , the feeling was strong ,
but how cud we be 2gether,how cud we belong,

was our love lonesome or was it just too prolonged,
u cud have held on to this feeling so we cud b along,

the future i had dreamt wud now never come true ,
it took me 3 months to realize this fact through,

by the time u had left i had realized the fault,
my mistake was tat i shudnt let my feelings exalt,

if u had doubts u shud have never even conveyed ,
if u felt it a bother u shud hav never had me swayed,

how can u undone the seeds that had been sown,
how can u change my feelings once it had shown,

maybe it was a mistake to fall for u tat day ,
maybe it was my fault to accpt wat u had to say ,

i shud have been more carefull,
i shud have been more wise,
i shud hav had the intelligence,
to realize this wasnt a merry surprise!

in the end all i ponder is do i have to face regret ,
is the end in a yonder for this i just hav to forget !

by----wasu (w.A) tats me O_o LOL
inpspired from a short poem of a friend !

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I try to live,i try to hide ...
it feels so disconnected from inside ...
i dunno if its my soul or my heart...
but somehow it has fallen apart ...

i m wat i am , but are my reasons the truth,
am i just a shadow ,am i the object too,
be my mirror n tell me wat my image says..
i ponder if i am the image with the real ways..

am i the person or just a thought,
the more i think the more i am forgot,
this world was it real or just a cognition,
the breath i take ,does it have any Fruitition?

m i the sun or the moon ....
can my shadows rise from this gloom,
am i part of something bigger than anything,
i am just an atom disconnected from within!

am i discontent with my purpose to exist,
or will i meet my purpose happily in a tryst,
for destiny now bears an ugly picture of sorts...
in my life i will be forever alone and forgot ..


i am incomplete

I TRY N TRY to breach a lie
tat happiness was merry surprise
i try n try to make it true ...
but all i do still isn't enuf for u

i try to smile within my heart..
it breaks my heart it tears it apart..
wen i know tat all i can do ..
still wont ever b enuf for u

i say it a merrily i say it again...
tat this world for me has a sorrowful end
wen i m alone wen i am reprieved..
wen u break my hrt,even though u r my destiny

the words my heart speak ..
they say those never repent...
they say it comes deep within my soul..
without u maybe it just might fold

i did smile once,i did it for u ...
once upon a time i was happy tooo...
wen u were there always by my side..
it was as if all my dreams had come true

dreams are forever imagined ..
they are tried 4 hence aspired...
what will u do if my situation is dire ..
if we stopped b4 reaching the top of this spire

i still ponder why u think it wont work ...
it was something far more than any comfort..
i tried to preach myself this just wont do...
but somethings in life , need happiness too!

i can never show u now wat i truly feel ..
the words i speak wont be enuf to steal ..
your heart tat bears soo numb for me ...
my heart now still beats for thee..

it keeps on aching from dusk till dawn
my life's purpose is reduced to a pawn
how can you steal this love for one
how can you make my destiny undone?

if my destiny bears such an ugly picture now...
if my heart has to be numb forever from now...
if my hopes were elated from the start of the show ...
all the expectations i have,must broken in one go ..

then life as a purpose is nothing but a shell...
whatever we have we must always push 4 and compel ..
for the fate that we believed in must solely rest due ...
for these things we believe in will never come true ..

so in this world,i came across this imponderable fact..
that nothing is ever complete,that nothing is intact...
for god made us for his buffoonery n muse,n we cant refuse..
for he sowed us n left to grow,hence we are incomplete n full of sorrow..!

somebody'z me

somebody smiles..
to hide their fears...
to hide their loneliness..
wishing for it 2 disappear .....

somebody smiles..
to hide their love..
to hide their tears ..
as if they never appeared..

somebody smiles..
to hide their sins..
to hide their flaws..
so that it lies in the dark..

somebody smiles..
to hide their past..
to hide their motives...
so that they can put a facade from start...

somebody smiles..
to bind their souls..
to hide them for the future untold...
so that they are never weakened wen others are ...

somebody smiles..
to break their loneliness...
to break their darkest thoughts..
so tat they cud brighten from the dark ...

somebody smiles...
to make others happy ...
to make others survive....
so tat seeds of hope are always lie..

somebody smiles...
for merriment n joy ..
for life to live up ,to enjoy ..
so tat life wen lived has a purpose a joy ...

somebody smiles....
for its a habituated fact..
for life has too much ups n downs in fact ..
so tat they never break down from a single impact..

but u know wat ... tat somebody'z me
---wasu ( W.A.)
this is a poem abt my life ...


everyday i try think of a cheerful lie ...
tat wud make me lift up from my demise..

every day i seek to do a merry sin ..
change wud change wat my soul reeks from within...

everyday i cheer on with murderous intent ...
to kill the very thoughts tat taunts n repents..

everyday i hope to make a habit to kill..
the soldering hopes tat binds me within ...

wish me luck to be a satisfied serial killer ...
my happiness rests due, till i can b a full fledged perpetrator

---- wasu (W.A.)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ZiNDaGi Ki Ek KwAhIsH(my lifes one wish )

#ZiNDaGi Ki Ek KwAhIsH

zindagi mai ek shauk tha, (i had a wish in life)
zindagi ji lene do, (to let me live in peace)
zindagi he paas na ho, (if my life not there wist me )
to zindagi ki jarurat kiya ho, (wats the point of living my life )

thak gaye hai is dunya se (i am tired of this world)
dard hai mere sene mai, ( my chest burns & hurts)
akela hoon is duniya pe, ( i am lonely in this world )
tanhayi ke saath he jina de, (let me be with my loneliness)

mohabbat sab karte hai, (love
maine bhi kiya tha.,
kise ko chahne ki khata
ha ham se bhi hua tha

kosish ki seza kiya mili,
ruswayi mai ham dub gaye,
gam to ek darya tha,
na chah kar bhi usmai dub gaye,

meri dunya alag se thi,
khoya mai har pal rehta tha,
ankhein khulne par najara dekha,
ki is dunya mai kiya rakha hai?

zulmi hai ye dunya.,
bada satati hai,
asmaish ki saza
hame rooz de jati hai,

paya mai ne bahut kuch ,
par is chahat ne kiya rakha hai,
agar woh puri he hogaye ,
to usse chane mai kiya rakha hai,

yeh meri kahani hai,
thodi begani hai
ek shariyat mai kehta hoon,
yeah aakhir mai meri zubaani hai..

Sunday, March 7, 2010



Finding a good friend,seems seldom a hard task ...
but i seem adept to it,from the very start ....

loitering around within my thoughts ...
    together with loneliness which i have brought forth!

one day a streak of hope did came.
u came with light when darkness gained..
u were my nightingale somehow i knew...
u showed me a path from which i had blewn!

tat friendship has its blunders,which are simply forgotten...
only the thoughts of loneliness are ill trodden ...

u showed me tat i cud count on u ...
    when nobody cud count on me too...

for the hope u gave me had endless strength
    for the way u helped me showed no bounds to an end ..

my happiness seems to engulf me now ...
    where once i was covered by darkness somehow ...

i woke up from my slumber because of u ...
    u gave me a reason to breath through ...

i know i m not THE perfect man ...
    i do make mistakes,i seldom cant...

i hope my flaws don't push u away ....
    because with all my flaws u made me shine this way ...

though the glimmer u showed now aspires to be whole...
    if u go away it will never reach its goal ...

i never thought u would come to my life ,,
    u are a saint, a savior to whom i can confide..

u can save me when i am a broken soul,
    u can heal me when its seems i cant go on ...
but what do i do wen i have broken your soul,
    m scared to death to think tat u would go !

don't leave me alone to my darkened state ,,,
    u r my only hope ,u r my only fate!

ur the best-est friend tat i ever had ...
    with u i smile eat n laugh !
when u are saddened cause of me ...
    it feels tat my reasons ceases to be ...

i know tat i am not the perfect man ...
    although u were good ,n m no good at hand!
plz don't look at my flaws ,they are endless i think ...
    just knw tat i will always b there whenever u blink...
just wish for me ...n i will b there ...
    i will protect u, support u, forever through despair

just knw tat everything does hav its worth ...
    but u are far  more precious than all of this worlds comfort..

i hope there were more who cud understand  me ...
        but u  r da only one who can set me free...
these bounds n chains that life ensues...
    u gave me the strength to move on even in fumes,

i knw i m tired of fighting this world..
    seems btter to slp tan take breath once more ...
        but when i knw u'll always b there with me ....
            the sorrows of life seems a bearable destiny ...

i now realise tat i was always a child ..
u helped me grw ,u showed me a reason to survive...

wat i say is the truth please believe me ....
i will always b there wenever u need me ...
ur trust ur faith is all i need....
for me to btter myself indeed ....

sometimes i ponder if our fates wudnt hav met...
wud i still b alive ...wud i b facing regret ....???????
wud i b trudging along a narrower path ....
or wud i hav lost all my strength from start !

malice ,dis-truth and disdain was reeked in2 my heart ...
u showed me tat i cud hav had a btter start !

wish i cud hav met u soon ...
i knw it wud hav been a boon,
for my insipid loneliness wud hav disappeared..
for my cowering distrust wud hav never appeared...

u make living everyday a favorable task ...
from the morning dews till its dark ....
U SHOWED ME U WERE bothered when it was to b ignored...
u showed me u cared when i was always forgot .....

u made my life look like a haven to its past....
u made me succumb to ur kindness from start...

these words are only a small tribute....
u r far more precious than these words could constitute....

i wud like to take out the last few words to say ...
plz forgive me for any sins i hav displayed..
i promise with all my heart n yonder gods...
that i want u baq with all ur heart !!!

plz plz plz forgive me !

Monday, December 21, 2009

let me b...

let the drops of rain hide my tears...
let the fog in my heart hide my fears...
let the scar that deepen show pain...
let the hope that fades show disdain...

let the lonesome sea be just a cove..
let the souls utopia b some dope...
let the world 2 see be an endless cage...
let the words 2 speak b like a maze....

let the blood that boiles contain hatred n fume
let the bloody mary come out to consume
let the havenz decline be n endless resource
let the darkness be the root to enforce

let every light dim from my dream
let every star lose its gleam
let every twilight have a bigger gape
let every breath b a closer one to an escape....
by---wasu (W.A.)

Friday, December 18, 2009

S3@rChInG FoR OnE

i dont want 15, i just want one..
she needs to be special,so tat WE can b more fun..

but the truth is life has its factz,
u never date the ones whoz heart is intact..

its rare for them to truly fall for u..
the ones u care,rarely care for u..

the ones u die for seldom remember u..
life is full of these figures n factz..

tat is once ur gone..u will never come bak..
so cherish every moment tat u've got..
for every breath u take,is lik a gift u got..
make the people around u realize this fact..
then the world will b btter,tis is a fact..

but wen it comes to matters of the heart..
da words i write seemz elated at da start..
but the truth is tat darkness envelopes my hrt..
its filled in crevassez tat i had forgotten from start..

so please tis world..say something to me..
open my heart to set me free..
the sight my eyes show..are a mirage of doom
let me set my eyes just on one..

for my mission is not to consume..
it is to live in a haven of my hope till i am doomed..
for the ones u care for dnt deserve this fate..
i stay in the darkness,happiness for their sake..

my destiny seems to hav a bigger picture now..
i live so tat otherz can make the world go round..
i dunno if its a burden or a gift,
i try to b selfish but i always quit..

its hurtz to knw u cant hav wat u want...
but da happier i get wen i knw,That tis isnt WRONG......
$$Moral-S3@rCh & Make ur OwN cHoiCEs In Life$$
ReMaRk:THE END..written by me at 2 in the night for no apparent reason...i am such a freak

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A pLaCe 2 BeLoNg

Searching for a place
Where I Belong ,
Searching for it
For very long ,
I searched the skies
During sleepless nights ,
I searched the depths
During my heartz demise .
Longing for you
Makes me feel deprived ,
Hoping for a bond
Makes my heartbeat prolonged .
Friendship & its blunders
Seems to be forever forgotten ,
Nights and dusks
All my thoughts seems ill trodden ,
Facing my souls nemisis
Darkness ensues me a bit ,
The Light seems dimmer
As I endeavour for my stint,
A Streak of hope
Still slumbers within.
Isolation & its restitution
Now emanates from my spirit,
Dawns & Days
Satiates my mind full of utopia.
ITs Incomplete.......

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I looked into the sky
Felt my bones goin DRY
I felt so alone,
As though my soul is being torn,
Loneliness n i fell in abyss together,

As we continued to smile at each other!!!!

--- to be continued :P WASU (W.A)

Monday, July 6, 2009


Broken are my expectations
Torn by the devastation's.
Wanna live but don't wanna try,oh god!!
Please tell me how to survive!!
Just take my life!!!


Words comes with parts of hope,
love comes when heart elopes,

dreams passes on when loves around,
loneliness seems to b just frowned,

the clouds seem shaded in the brightness of sun's,
my hearts elated cause we are one,

our souls entwined feels destinies call,
when you are around nothing can go wrong,

our love i thought was an endless loom,
the bigger it grew ,when time was consumed.

but one day wen i was all alone,
i waited n waited for u till doom,

waited for u to return a smile,
but u left me without saying a reason y!

does all love hurt this much when u try to smile?
when u are alone in the darkest night!

darkness now seems to envelope my heart,
for it becomes numb with beats apart!

I hope u know how i miss u now,
our love was endless i thought somehow!

please come back to me i beg u now,
its getting too dark for me to be around.

i miss u SO much its hurts to breath,
if u don't come back my heart may stop to beat!!

if u do not come ,then let me decay,
let my soul,my love , my body degrade!!!!!
------- by wasu (W.A)