Wednesday, May 26, 2010


the feeling was mutual , the feeling was strong ,
but how cud we be 2gether,how cud we belong,

was our love lonesome or was it just too prolonged,
u cud have held on to this feeling so we cud b along,

the future i had dreamt wud now never come true ,
it took me 3 months to realize this fact through,

by the time u had left i had realized the fault,
my mistake was tat i shudnt let my feelings exalt,

if u had doubts u shud have never even conveyed ,
if u felt it a bother u shud hav never had me swayed,

how can u undone the seeds that had been sown,
how can u change my feelings once it had shown,

maybe it was a mistake to fall for u tat day ,
maybe it was my fault to accpt wat u had to say ,

i shud have been more carefull,
i shud have been more wise,
i shud hav had the intelligence,
to realize this wasnt a merry surprise!

in the end all i ponder is do i have to face regret ,
is the end in a yonder for this i just hav to forget !

by----wasu (w.A) tats me O_o LOL
inpspired from a short poem of a friend !

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